Emily Headshot

Director of Business Development

Emily is a graduate of The Rocky Mountain Academy of Art and Design and has a background in fine art sales and installation. She brings a creative eye and mind to the team, seeing the true potential of immersive technologies and their ability to be applied in various projects.

Emily has been with HSI Immersive since the company started it’s new venture into Immersive technologies and has been the lead in connecting HSI with its industry partners and clients. She also manages the trade show and convention portion of the company as an effort to show the technologies offered by HSI to the world. If you have seen an HSI Immersive 3D LED screen, it’s because Emily got it there.


  • Helped start and develop HSI Immersive.
  • Responsible for all partner development and product partners.
  • Director of trade show development and planning.
  • Experience in fine art sales.
  • Can ski Alta/Snowbird.
  • Once swam with a whale shark.
  • Owns a ryno-lined Toyota Prius.


Biz Dev