The Founders.

It all started with a screen. A screen that has changed the 3D/Immersive industry and is the new standard for immersive experiences. Now HSI Immersive is designing, installing and setting a new standard for Immersive projects.

Established in 1987, Haverford Systems is now a diversified audio-visual technology company. We own and operate HSI Technology Integrations, our custom design-build audio visual systems for a wide variety of environments. HSI Immersive was born out of the combination of Haverford Systems as well as CCDL and Professor Chao Li’s 25 years of research and hands-on experience with 3D LED displays.

HSI Immersive now builds, installs and designs immersive experiences for enterprise level companies and industry leaders. HSI Immersive has clients ranging from Industrial Designers and Attractions Developers to Entertainment Professionals and Architects. If your business requires the WOW factor needed to keep your project moving forward or to draw a crowd, HSI Immersive is your answer.

Hugh Richards

Hugh Richards is the Owner of Haverford Systems, Inc. and the Founder and President of HSI Immersive.

Emily Richards

Emily Richards has been with HSI Immersive since its inception and is the Director of Business Development.