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Immersive Integration and Design Using the Best Enterprise Level Technologies.

What We Can Do For You

Trade Show Design

Be the show stopper at your next trade show by using immersive group experiences never before seen by your industry leaders.


Using immersive technologies in theater, theme park and entertainment applications will put you on the cutting edge of entertainment technologies.

Education Engaged

Keep audiences immersed in Museum and Educational experiences that they will never forget. Immersive technologies improve every learning experience.

Product Visualization

Use Immersive 3D and 2D LED display-walls to design, and develop your next product to keep projects moving forward.

Why HSI Immersive?
HSI Immersive is a subsidiary of a 30-year-old diversified, custom A/V Integration and design company. The team that works at HSI Immersive has seen it all, from analog to digital. From 2D LED signage to 3D AR theaters and visualization rooms, HSI Immersive has a solution for you.

Upcoming Shows

Meet Our Team

Hugh Richards

Founder and President

Emily Richards

Director of Business Development

William Golde

Immersive Strategist
Meet the HSI Immersive Team
It all started with a screen. A screen that has changed the 3D/Immersive industry and is the new standard for immersive experiences. Now HSI Immersive is designing, installing and setting a new standard for Immersive projects.